Welcome to Stumptown Psychotherapy, the private practice of Katherine Friedman, Licensed Professional Counselor.

Many people feel intimidated or ambivalent about starting psychotherapy. They worry about whether they will be able to talk to a stranger about their concerns, goals, hopes, and fears. They may be concerned about being judged based on what they are thinking or things they have experienced in their past. Or they may be uncomfortable around new people. They may not be able to identify exactly what brings them to therapy, simply knowing that their lives are not unfolding as they want them to be.

At Stumptown Psychotherapy, I work to provide excellent individual therapy in a warm, open atmosphere. I prize honest therapeutic connections built in a non-judgmental environment. I draw on my personal mindfulness practices to cultivate clarity and compassion, and share mindfulness skills with you to facilitate your therapy. Therapy is a collaboration between therapist and client. We work together to identify your goals and priorities, understanding that you are the expert on your experience, coming to me for skilled guidance through the obstacles you face.